Friday, 4 October & Saturday, 5 October

McLennan Room, 2nd floor Waco Convention Center
100 Washington Ave.,  Waco, TX

{254}DANCE-FEST, a professional modern dance festival in Central Texas  brings “off the grid” modern dance where locals and semi-locals can call {254}dance-festival their new “Stomping ground”. Dance is moving beyond what we see in popular culture, come and catch a glimpse of what dance is doing in 2015.  Move, and be moved with us!



FRIDAY, October  4

10:00 am Kids Dance CANCELLED
5:00-7:00 pm tech 

7:30 pm dress rehearsal 



 8:00-10:30 am    Youth rehearsals/meeting

10-11:15 am class 1  – Storytelling through Bharatanatyam with Bhuvana Venkatraman 


12-1:00 pm Family Show 

2:00-3:30 pm class 2 – Contemporary Dance with Joshua Peugh

6:00 pm Concert 


254]DANCE-FEST line up 2019 

Tejas Dance                           Wild Goose Chase Dance               

Impulse Dance                      Martheya Nygaard               

Reyna Mondragon                Full Circle Dance Company 

Olivia Morrow                       Big Rig Dance Company               

Alt Project                             Laura Harrell                         

Baylor Dance Company 


NextGen: Macy Watts                        NextGen: Addison Moddelmog and Sarah Linn

Joy’s School of Dance                        All That Jazz 


NextGen: Gianna Soliz

Images by Lynn Lane

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