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2022 ARTIST BOOTH APPLICATION – EXTENDED Deadline July 29th, 2022 @ midnight

Come to Waco Cultural Arts Fest, you will receive a warm welcome and fantastic hospitality.
We LOVE our artists!

Categories: ceramics, glass, jewelry, metalwork, wood, sculpture, fiber art, digital art, photography, graphics & printmaking, drawing & pastels, acrylics & oils, watercolors, 2-D or 3-D mixed media.

Best in Show award: $500
Best in category: $100

*There must be three or more in one category to be judged to receive the award. Similar categories may be combined at judge’s discretion.

No refunds on booth fees after AUGUST 31, 2022 and we apologize in advance that we cannot make exceptions to this policy for any reason.

Booth sharing is allowed for a max of 2 artists per booth. Please designate one person to pay the main booth fee and jury fee(s)

Each artist must pay the $25 jury fee even if sharing a booth.
PLEASE COMPLETE ENTIRE ENTRY FORM PRIOR TO PAYING THE ENTRY FEE through our HelloFund link. Once we receive notification of your payment your status in Entrything will be changed to submitted. THANK YOU

$25 non-refundable jury fee
$125 booth fee (does not include a tent)
Total: $150

All tent structures must be white. Artists must abide by safety measures to insure the booth tent is adequately secure in case of bad weather or strong winds. Bring weights to secure tent, no stakes/ropes allowed. Booth size and end requests will be honored where possible. Non Profit or Special Art Groups please call 254-723-6830 for more information.

Entry Instructions:
All artists’ booths are awarded by invitation or acceptance by jury to ensure the highest quality artwork. There is a non-refundable jury fee of $25. All work in a given medium will be judged together. Jurors are looking for work that is well conceived, sale-able, well executed, imaginative and unique. A wait-list is selected by the jury committee in case of cancellations.

– 3 images of your artwork
– 1 image of your artwork displayed in a booth if you have not previously been accepted in our show
– place booth image as # 4 in sequence

– File format: Standard JPEG format.
– Color space: Save images in an RGB color space
– File size: JPEG’s must be under 5.0 MB
and minimum 300 dpi

Use a digital camera at the highest quality setting to photograph your artwork in a digital format or have a professional photographer take images of your artwork in digital format. PLEASE USE A PLAIN BACKGROUND. AVOID TEXTURED OR PATTERNED BACKGROUNDS. Do not show the frame for any art work. We need to see your work clearly for print and website applications. Work that differs significantly from the submitted images or does not meet the festival’s criteria will be removed from the festival.

—–Festival Eligibility & Rules—–

  • Waco Cultural Arts Fest is open to all artists.
  • Work can be in any fine art or fine craft medium and must be original.
  • Artists must define ‘a limited edition’ through their Artist Statement and must disclose their process to the buyer.
  • Prints exhibited by artists in the graphics/printmaking category must be limited editions (750) and properly signed and numbered.
  • Reproductions of 2-D work must be clearly labeled ‘Reproduction.’
  • Photographs must be original and signed by the artist.
  • The artist must own all the copyrights to all designs and images offered for sale.
  • Artist packets will be mailed to selected artists by the first week of August.
  • Ceramic works must be handmade by the artist. If multiple pieces of the same design are displayed, each must be signed.
  • Waco Cultural Arts Fest reserves the right to ask that work infringing the copyright of others be removed from the booth.
  • Artists must comply with all staff and uniformed security regarding site safety regulations.
  • Artists must be present during the entire event.
  • Non Profit or Special Art Groups representatives must be present during the entire event.