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OCTOBER 3 ART TO GO curbside

One of our most popular activities MASKS (Mask, Paint sticks)

+ A Fibonnacci Activity from the Martin Museum

Sponsors: The Martin Museum, Englander dZignPak,
PICK UP ART TO GO while supplies last @ ARTPLACE 402  Elm Avenue

Please follow signs

Questions? Please contact Doreen Ravenscroft at


Easel Arteasel art

Revel in the Colors! It’s time to bring out the artist in you. Paint your blank cardboard canvas thanks to the wonderful folks at Central Texas Corrugated, Inc. You can take home your masterpiece. Becky Hansen our long-time Easel Arts team leader

Sponsors: Central Texas Corrugated

 Wood Sculpture

Wood sculptureCreate and paint your wood sculpture with Robbie Barber, Professor of Sculpture at Baylor University and students from the Baylor Sculpture Department. Take your inspiration from newly installed Waco Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition around the Convention Center and City Hall.

Sponsor: Baylor University

Behind the Maskmasks

Paint a mask “Behind the Mask” – masks encourage us to transform ourselves, and empower us to do so. They permit us to replace one reality with another. They can ultimately provide us with a better understanding of who we really are behind the masks we put on every morning to face the world, and take off every night in our dreams.

Sponsor: Trane Waco & Englander


puppetsFrom a paper bag, scraps of fabric and other fun stuff make a puppet.

Total engagement in the project and what is more, continual problem solving as children put the puppets together.

Stephanie Schattschnieder and students  from Rapoport Academy volunteers help to make your puppet come alive!


ClaymationA ball of self-hardening Mexican Red Clay, eager hands, and a desire to explore–that is all you need to begin to create clay sculpture. Join Heather Hughes, and University High School student volunteers at Claymation.

Paper Sculpture

paperLet your imagination run wild as you engineer paper into 3-dimensional headgear with Waco ISD

Art teachers  led  by  Jennifer Spry  and  Joel Colosimo with Waco ISD student volunteers.

Waco Calligraphy Guild

Members of the Waco Calligraphy Guild will help attendees to write on bookmarks.

SPONSOR: Waco Calligraphy Guild

If you would like more information about the Waco Calligraphy Guild, contact Jane Stanfield, phone number (254) 640-2448.

Puzzle PiecesPuzzle pieces

Waco Cultural Arts Fest is proud to support Autism in Action. Help us send children with Autism to Summer Camp. Make $1 minimum donation and create your unique puzzle piece to add to our “It’s a Puzzle” canvas.

Sponsors: Cultural Arts of Waco & Heart of Texas Autism Network

Book Making

Make your very own book, write  some words, draw  a picture  do a collage!



facepaintFace Painting Transforms! Face Painting Entertains! Face Painting is Magical!

Squish, Glob, Splat (Art and Sensory)

squishMost children naturally want to be involved in the messy, oooey –gooey highly visible experience of using paint, but did you know that not only are they learning about color and how to manipulate a variety of other media through their exploration, they are also developing large and small motor skills necessary for brain development?

Children will not only use their creative abilities but will also develop insight into how they see their world and can then show others through self expression in individual and unique ways. They achieve great emotional satisfaction through these creative experiences that promote self-esteem and a sense of wonder. Activities: 1) Receive a packet of homemade playdough to take home. Use a variety of tools to shape, mold and cut your dough 2) Gadget and texture painting. Recipes will be provided.

Sponsors: Region 12 & Workforce Solutions- Heart Texas

Caterpillar Walk (Decision Making)

caterpillarOur caterpillar needs a new coat! There’s lots of “stuff” to choose from to create a colorful new coat for our large caterpillar sculpture. On the walk, paint new coats for Big Fish and a calf!
Sponsors: Region 12 & Workforce Solutions-Heart Texas

Storyland (Movement and Literacy)

wiggleLanguage naturally flows from the experience  of music and movement.The three go hand in hand in the developing child who is stockpiling vocabulary at an enormous speed in the first three years of life. Children who are ready to, who are exposed to a variety of literacy opportunities and who are encouraged to “act out” the stories they hear receive invaluable benefits that will build on language skills both spoken and written.

Puppets, costumes, and other props enhance the theme of the books and stories that children love to read. Activities: 1) Each 5 and under child will receive an age-appropriate book while supplies last, and there will be storytelling; 2) Costumes and dramatic play props for movement and acting; and 3) Soft spaces for reading.

Sponsors: Region 12 & Workforce Solutions- Heart Texas


blockfestWhen children participate in construction activities, they have many avenues for creativity as well as opportunities to refine perceptual and motor skills, problem solve and strategize to find solutions. These activities also increase their visual and spatial awareness, sharpen manual dexterity and even help develop pre-reading and pre-math skills. You might think children are just playing, but actually, they are delving into design and construction techniques from a child’s perspective.

Sponsors: Region 12 & Workforce Solutions – Heart of Texas



What’s more fun than bubbles? Volunteers will be making giant bubbles — some as big as 5 feet long and around 2 feet in diameter! Visitors will be able to blow their own bubbles of many different sizes with variety of bubble wands.
This activity is in honor of Sarah Sheppard Levine.

Creative Collage

Recyclable materials of all shapes, colors, and sizes act as the color or “paint,” and a young child’s imagination brings them to form and meaning. Use your imagination and turn “trash” into a work of art.